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Cloth Diaper Party?

There is nothing in life that is more amazing, more rewarding, or more difficult then bringing a new family member into the this world!  For new and experienced parents alike, taking care of and raising a baby is one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures we will ever have.  That is why I think it is so amazing when family and friends come together for a baby shower or a diaper party!  Having a group of people to lean on with a new baby is so amazing!  It’s so hard to truly appreciate how much of a blessing it is to have your support system provide you with equipment that helps you with your newborn… from clothes, to cribs, changing tables, bottles, and more!  We had a baby shower before we brought our oldest into the world, and a sprinkle before our second.  Our family and friends helped us out so much with so many of the things that we used to take care of our babies, including a stack of disposable diapers that took over our closet!  This was so helpful, but as you probably guessed… they didn’t last forever (except for maybe in a landfill somewhere), and we ran out, having to always be mindful to make sure we picked up more diapers whenever we went out to the store.  With our third child, we had learned about cloth diapers, and although using cloth brings some additional challenges, we never had to worry about running out of diapers!  So one day we had the idea of having a cloth diaper party!  If our friends and family would have taken the money they spent on disposable diapers and bought us cloth diapers, not only would we have had enough after our first shower for our first baby, but we would have had enough for our second, and third, and soon to be fourth!  Here at Country Cloth Diapers, you can register to have an online Cloth Diaper Party, that way your friends and family can be a part of your shower regardless of where they live, and if they can attend in person.  Fill out the form below to register, and we will create your own website for your online Country Cloth Diaper party, where your friends and family can buy you diapers and share thoughts, memories, and congratulations on a shower wall.

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Fill in some details below and we will set you up with your own webpage and online shop!  But in this store the more people shop, the more rewards YOU get!  For every six diapers sold on your party page, you will be able to pick another diaper for free!  Share the link to your diaper shower across all of your social media accounts, so your friends and family can come join the party!